Your Milk Donation Saves Lives

San Diego Mothers’ Milk Bank is a developing Milk Bank, opening 2019.

We have temporarily partnered with Mothers’ Milk Bank at Austin during our development phase. Mothers will work with MMBA to be approved for donation, milk will be collected locally at the San Diego Blood Bank, and shipped to Austin for processing until we are ready to open.

Please contact the Mothers’ Milk Bank at Austin to get started with the donation process.

Main: 512-494-0800
Toll-Free: 1-877-813-6455

Click here for the MMBA Milk Donation Form.

We have also joined with San Diego Blood Bank at their many area locations to accept your generous donation of Mothers’ Milk.

You can help support San Diego Mothers’ Milk Bank by making a financial donation.

Mothers’ milk is truly lifesaving to the fragile babies we serve 100% of your contribution is directed to ensure that all infants with a medical need for mothers’ milk receive it, regardless of insurance or financial resources. A donation to the San Diego Mothers’ Milk Bank is an investment in improved survival and development for vulnerable babies born too soon and too small.