Nov 21

Purchasing Donor Milk

As SDMMB is currently a developing milk bank, we are unable to distribute donor milk to the community at this time. We have temporarily partnered with Mothers' Milk Bank Austin to provide you with donor milk when needed. Once we are open (early 2020) we will be able to distribute... read more →
Mar 02

What You Need To Know

The Biology Of Breastmilk Feeding Breastmilk feeding of infants is a common characteristic of all mammals. Like reproduction, optimal infant nutrition is a key element of the survival of our species! We tend to think of mother’s milk as a food - a purely nutritional - milk source. Human milk... read more →
Feb 06

Breastfeeding Techniques

Basic Positioning Sit up straight and keep your back supported. Bring your baby to your breast instead of hunching forward and straining your back. Placing pillows on your lap or next to you can often help with this. Cradle your baby in your arm. Place your palm behind your baby’s... read more →