Mar 22

Birth Plan Recommendations

Baby’s Natural & Science-Based Birth Plan Recommendations EDUCATE yourself and your partner about baby care, breastfeeding and how to keep baby safe. SEEK out good sources of information: Your Obstetrician, midwife, pediatrician, family doctor or nurse Websites such as and Baby care book (see below) MAKE a checklist... read more →
Aug 06

Cord Clamping

Delay Cord Clamping This has become the recommended way to make sure baby gets enough blood from the placenta. At birth the placenta still has a lot of baby blood in it. When baby is born and takes that first big breath their lungs will fill with oxygen and the... read more →
Aug 06


Having a Cesarean Section may not be on your birth plan, but 1 in 3 babies are born this way. Sometimes it is just safer for you or the baby to deliver with surgery, so it’s a good idea to at least think about what you would want if a... read more →