Nov 21

Purchasing Donor Milk

As SDMMB is currently a developing milk bank, we are unable to distribute donor milk to the community at this time. We have temporarily partnered with Mothers’ Milk Bank Austin to provide you with donor milk when needed. Once we are open (early 2020) we will be able to distribute donor milk in the community.
If you are a parent planning ahead to purchase donor milk for you baby after discharge from the hospital, or you need donor milk due to adoption or surrogacy MMBA will work with you directly to get you the help you need to fit your circumstances. If you qualify to receive donor milk, Austin will ship the donor milk directly to you.
For immediate assistance, contact Mothers’ Milk Bank at Austin directly at 512-494-0800 or toll-free 1-877-813.MILK (6455).
You can also email for more information.