NICU Milk Storage

Mother nature never intended milk to be pumped and frozen, so we have to do our best to keep milk quality as high as possible. Remember that fresh milk has... read more →

Common Pumping Questions

What If Pumping Feels Uncomfortable? If pumping hurts or your nipple doesn’t move easily inside the plastic flange, ask for help. You may need a different size flange or may... read more →

FAQ’s About Breastmilk Donation

San Diego Mothers' Milk Bank is a developing Milk Bank, opening 2019. Our goals are to help mothers breastfeed, to improve breastmilk donation and assure that all premature or ill... read more →

Donate Quality Milk

Most donor milk is used to feed tiny sick babies so using good technique to have the best quality milk is important. Keep It Clean Milk should be free from... read more →

Donate Milk To Research

What Are Options To Donate For A Mother Who Does Not Meet Standard Donation Criteria? Human milk is always needed for research studies, and the UC San Diego Mother to Baby... read more →