Purchasing Donor Milk

As SDMMB is currently a developing milk bank, we are unable to distribute donor milk to the community at this time. We have temporarily partnered with Mothers' Milk Bank Austin... read more →

Purchasing Donor Milk

As SDMMB is currently a developing milk bank, we are unable to distribute donor milk to the community at this time. We have temporarily partnered with Mothers' Milk Bank Austin... read more →

Exclusive Pumping

Exclusive Pumping - One Mother's Story Emily Golden PNP, UC San Diego My baby was born with a few medical issues that made breastfeeding difficult. He could latch well, but... read more →

Breastfeeding Benefits All

Breastfeeding is full of benefits – for you, your baby and society. Learn the many reasons breastfeeding is amazing for your family and why gynecologists and pediatricians recommend it so... read more →

What You Need To Know

The Biology Of Breastmilk Feeding Breastmilk feeding of infants is a common characteristic of all mammals. Like reproduction, optimal infant nutrition is a key element of the survival of our... read more →

Breastfeeding Techniques

Basic Positioning Sit up straight and keep your back supported. Bring your baby to your breast instead of hunching forward and straining your back. Placing pillows on your lap or... read more →

Birth Plan Recommendations

Baby’s Natural & Science-Based Birth Plan Recommendations EDUCATE yourself and your partner about baby care, breastfeeding and how to keep baby safe. SEEK out good sources of information: Your Obstetrician,... read more →

Cord Clamping

Delay Cord Clamping This has become the recommended way to make sure baby gets enough blood from the placenta. At birth the placenta still has a lot of baby blood... read more →


Having a Cesarean Section may not be on your birth plan, but 1 in 3 babies are born this way. Sometimes it is just safer for you or the baby... read more →

Watch These Before Delivery!

Many American women have never seen breastfeeding up close. Because of this lack of familiarity with what is normal; women can struggle to get off to a good start. Breastfeeding... read more →

Breastfeeding – Getting Started

Watch these three great videos to learn the basics of breastfeeding from women around the world. Breastfeeding In The First Hours Within the first few hours after birth, most healthy... read more →

Feeding Baby – First Days

Colostrum: Your Baby's First Meal The milk you produce the first days after delivery is called colostrum. Colostrum provides all the nutrients and fluid that your newborn needs in the early... read more →

Common Concerns About Nursing

Adjustment Soreness Most women experience some discomfort when first breastfeeding. Nipples are sensitive and not use to the constant attention a breastfeeding infant gives them. This pain should be intermittent,... read more →

Common Concerns About Milk

We encourage all mothers to breastfeed their babies. In the past there were many rules about who should and should not breastfeed depending on mother’s health habits, medications, and even... read more →

Common Concerns About Feeding

Feeding a newborn involves more than just getting the milk into the baby. Whether you are breastfeeding, bottle feeding mother’s milk or bottle feeding formula, it is likely that you... read more →

Vitamin Information

Vitamin D Vitamin D is important for healthy bones. If babies don’t get enough, they can get weak bones, a disease called rickets. Vitamin D comes from the foods we... read more →


The tendency for newborns to turn yellow in the days after birth has been observed for centuries. In Korea, the days after birth are called “Huang Dal” or “yellow-time” and... read more →

Going Back To Work

Preparing To Go Back To Work Take a breastfeeding class, which may be offered at the hospital where you plan to deliver your baby. These classes offer tips on returning to... read more →

Pumping Basics

Some mothers pump when they are at work or separated from baby; others pump by choice or because baby was unable to feed orally. Unlike nursing, it is not a... read more →

Bottle Feeding

The Basics The most obvious difference between bottle-feeding and breastfeeding is that the bottle lets you see how much your baby is drinking. Depending on what kind of parent you are,... read more →


Flying With Breastmilk Your breast pump does not count as a carry on item, because it is a medical device. So, bring your regular carry on luggage, but be prepared to explain... read more →

Your Baby Needs Your Milk

All babies need their mother’s milk, but preemies and infants who are ill benefit even more from it. Your milk has more than 600 biological factors that can contribute to... read more →

How To Make Milk

Your body starts making first milk (colostrum) immediately after delivery, so if you don’t start breast stimulation right away your body thinks there is no baby to feed. Because of... read more →

Cleaning Pumping Equipment

How Do I Keep My Pump Clean? After each pump session clean all pump parts that have been in contact with milk. Use hot water and soap, or the dishwasher after every... read more →