Feb 01

Cleaning Pumping Equipment

How Do I Keep My Pump Clean?

After each pump session clean all pump parts that have been in contact with milk.

Use hot water and soap, or the dishwasher after every use.

Dry pump parts with a clean dry paper towel, then leave to completely dry and store in a plastic bag or container.

Dry any condensation in the pump tubing by pumping air through it while you clean your kit-water loving bacteria can hide in there and may be dangerous for small babies.

Sterilize your pump kit once a day with a steam bag, boiling water, dishwasher or bottle sterilizer unit.

Sterilize the pump tubing once a week.

Tap here to see the CDC pump cleaning guidelines. En Español.

Lisa Stellwagen MD, FAAP
Professor of Clinical Pediatrics at UC San Diego Health