Aug 06


Having a Cesarean Section may not be on your birth plan, but 1 in 3 babies are born this way.

Sometimes it is just safer for you or the baby to deliver with surgery, so it’s a good idea to at least think about what you would want if a C-Section is necessary.

Many institutions will allow a support person in the operating room. Some hospitals have mirrors or special drapes so moms can see their babies emerge from the belly. Ask who can be with you, and if you can put baby skin-to-skin in the operating room.

C-Section babies may be at risk of not getting the normal bacteria in their belly because they did not come through mother’s vagina and take a gulp of her healthy bacteria on the way out.

You may have heard about a study where a small number of women put a gauze pad in their vagina and after the C-Section wiped it on the baby.

Those babies did have a more normal bacterial balance, but there is not enough information about this practice, and we don’t know if it is safe – so it is currently not recommended.

Mothers’ milk is full of good healthy bacteria, so we recommend focusing on breastfeeding your baby, do a lot of skin-to-skin so baby gets your normal bacteria and hold off on the bath for a few days.